Nils Frahm & Anne Müller Available for order (MP3/CD/LP)

“Let My Key Be C”, the opening birdsong chirps reveal a world of looping cello sounds, some of which extend and overtake the listener. Frahm’s piano keys unfurl to create a gelatinous mass of beauty, swirling around the speakers (or headphones for the full experience) before softening and finally, cutting off abruptly, leaving the listener to catch their breath.

“Let My Key Be C (Thriller Edit)”

7fingers is available for pre-order on die-cut paper packaged CD or handsome LP now in the HUSHshop, with instant download.

Most of the songs develop around the sound of Müller’s cello, oftentimes traveling into unforeseen territory, surprising the listener, as in the second track, “7 Fingers”, when the listener first encounters the group’s foray into electronic pulses and blips. The combination works exceedingly well, as the pieces still develop with a classical framework and the introduction of electronic percussive elements enhances, not diminishes, the listening experience. In other words, the “clicks and cuts” feel as though they are a natural extension of the work and are not forced contrivances that disorient the listener…7 Fingers is an absolute necessity and will surely stand as one of the better releases of the year.

Read more from this glowing review from Fluid Radio.

Nick Jaina Video Gems

Penny Jam just posted their recording of “Sebastopol” that The Nick jaina band shot a couple months ago:

And from Omaha’s Love Drunk, the band plays “I Don’t Believe You”:

Loch Lomond Heads South: West Coast Tour

Fresh off a wee tour of Scottland, Loch Lomond is taking the band down the west coast with Seattle’s Hey Marseilles in support of the stunning EP Night Bats.  Here is the title track:


Jun 10 – Mississippi Studios w/ Hey Marseilles Portland, Oregon , US
Jun 11 – Cosmic Pizza Eugene, Oregon
Jun 12 – Sophias Thai Bar Davis, California
Jun 13 – Hotel Utah w/ Hey Marseilles San Francisco, California, US
Jun 14 – The Crepe Place w/Hey Marseilles Santa Cruz, California, US
Jun 15 – Muddy Waters w/ Hey Marseilles Santa Barbara, California, US
Jun 17 – Bootleg Theater w/ Hey Marseilles LA, California, US
Jul 22 – The Tower Theater Bend, Oregon

and catch them at:

Sep 6 – Bumbershoot Festival Seattle, Washington, US

Nick Jaina Eastern US Tour

This dispatch just in from Nick Jaina:

Today we are officially starting our Spring tour of the Eastern half of the United States. We start it in Idaho, which is not very East, but if you’re coming from Portland it’s a good enough drive that you can fall asleep in the backseat on the way. So we are East.

I have a mostly different band backing me up than I usually have. This tour features a new drummer named Andrew and a new trumpet player named Jon, who replaces the old trumpet player named John. We’ve reduced one letter from the trumpet players name, which over the course of a month will save us some money. Also with us is Thomas on electric guitar and William on upright bass, both of whom have toured with the band before and know that unrealistically high expectations are the enemy of a good night’s sleep.

Also, we have two videos out and another one coming soon. The most recent one is for the song “Sleep, Child” which you can view here

Sleep, Child (song by Nick Jaina) from Tim Nelson on Vimeo.

If you don’t own the new album already, I graciously ask that you consider buying it. It’s the main way that we are able to have the money to drive around the country and play shows for people. If you’ve heard a few songs or seen a video and have been entertained, please think about how much of a difference it makes to us if you buy the album. Even if you don’t like having cds around, those ten or twelve dollars go a long way for us. You’d be surprised how few cds are sold online anymore. I appreciate you even reading these words and considering them.

Summer 2010 Tour Of Mostly Eastern Places:

Thursday May 13 – Sun Valley, ID – Sun Valley Brewery
Friday May 14 – Idaho Falls, ID – Vino Rosso
Saturday May 15 – Idaho Falls, ID – The Cellar
Thursday May 20 – Bismarck, ND – Sand Bar
Friday May 21 – Rochester, MN – Kathy’s Pub
Saturday May 22 – Madison, WI – Project Lodge
Sunday May 23 – Milwaukee, WI – Circle A Cafe
Monday May 24 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
Wednesday May 26 – Akron, OH – house show
Thursday May 27 – Plattsburgh, NY – house Show
Friday May 28 – Burlington, VT – Monkey Bar
Saturday May 29 – Brooklyn, NY – Bar Four
Sunday May 30 – NYC – Rockwood Music Hall
Wednesday June 2 – Louisville, KY – Skull Alley
Thursday June 3 – St Joseph, MO – Cafe Acoustic
Friday June 4 – Wichita, KS – Fisch Haus
Saturday June 5 – Omaha, NE – Barley Street
Sunday June 6 – Lincoln, NE – Clawfoot House
Tuesday June 8 – Creede, CO – Kip’s Grill
Wednesday June 9 – Salt Lake City – Slowtrain Records
Thursday June 10 – Pocatello, ID – Flipside Lounge
Friday June 11 – Boise, ID – TBA
Saturday June 12 – Nampa, ID – Flying M Coffeegarage