Laura Gibson @ Mississippi Video Highlights

Some new-to-the-stage material:



Watch several performances in a video playlist.

Aside from saying it was a special night, we’ll let the videos speak for themselves, and perhaps  add this very visual description from Melophobe (which posted quality pictures and an audio track.)

After a couple amusing stories that passed as jokes, and one too many spells cast on the audience with their magical accordions, xylophones, and melodicas, country princess Laura Gibson graced the stage: golden hair tumbling down over an ivory vintage dress hovering ghost-like over dark brown tights which plunged dramatically into a pair of white, 1970’s nursing shoes.

Before launching into “Hands in Pockets,” Laura joked in a notch above a whisper, “I realize it’s a rainy night and swine flu is on the rampage. I just came from Japan and everyone on the subway has those masks. So, anyone who feels a cough coming on, if you could move to one side of the room, and if you feel healthy, move to the opposite side. Uh, thanks.”

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