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Dat’r has set the school on fire!

Who needs school when you can have Dat’r!

Who needs religion when you can have science!

Who needs boredom when you can have fun!

Dat’r takes all the ones and zeroes floating in the air from wireless internet phones and satellite transmissions and they put all that data into their machines and mix it with dirty samples of copy machines! And funnnnnnnky snare beats! They’ll teach you all you need to know about how the world works! Dat’r!

Featuring Matt Dabrowiak and Paul Alcott (from the band Binary Dolls) Dat’r operates like an assembly line for funk. Data goes in, the skronk gets turned up, the “fucking around” gets turned down, and a steady stream of dance music vibrates the air all the way to your eardrums. The band has rave-y, circular rhythms, as if Talking Heads, !!!, and Midnite Vultures-era Beck all were to meet in a meth lab and throw a party.

Dat’r is a two-person band with a laptop, keyboards, electric guitar and live percussion. They sweep the frequencies across all races and creeds. If you are the immovable object, then they are the irresistible force, and they will win.