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The Operacycle

The Operacycle, originally the recording project of Jordan Hudson, was for a time a three piece perfoming a repertoire based on his multi-instrumentalist recordings.

The live version works it’s way through more peaks and valleys, giving the band a dynamic range that most three peices can’t touch (in my opinion). The Operacycle is the brainchild of Jordan Hudson, now the toast of Portland post-rock. This is how I met him:

Jordan tagged a long with Amy to a soireé I was having. He said he was making some electronic / acoustic music on his Mac. He was sweet and understated and let me borrow a copy. I liked the tape. I’d see Jordan out and about after that. I think I saw him play with four different bands in the space of a month. I really liked his crisp drumming style.It was just this winter that we were putting together the MUTE comps at a brunch and Jordan dropped a CD on us all. It’s a shame he wasn’t included on that comp because his instrumentals were thoughtfully recorded, texturally interesting gems. I suggested he record some more and put out a full length on HUSH. Violá: Warmer.

The Operacycle is a welcome addition to the HUSH roster (lest we be pigeonholed as singer songwriters), rounding out all things anti-rock with the clever use of combs, bubble wrap and electric razors in his enchanting panoramic music.