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Corrina Repp brought a tape with her when I met her. In 1998 I was looking to record the best female voices in Portland. Within seconds I knew that I wanted to work with her. The song was recorded on her four track and it had an well placed casio drumbeat on it, if there ever was one. It was “The Fire of St Jude”, one of the high points of her debut CD, A Boat Balled Hope.

I remember sitting at the top of the stairs and talking about how niether of us really knew what was going on in the ‘scene’ and how we both went to our parents house for dinner.

There hasn’t been an easier person to record than Repp. I mostly just drew pictures and read books while she tracked. It made us both comfortable to be working on something simultaneously, I suppose. I loved it. It was like being serenaded.

When we were done mixing we just laid on the floor and listened to it.

I think that may be the best way to listen to Repp.

-Chad Crouch 2002