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Igor Khabarov

Igor Khabarov lives in a small village not far from St.Petersburg, Russia. As a youth he began making music with computers, then a school friend taught him how to play the piano.  Soon after, he decided to study at a local music school. Khabarov was the oldest student in the school and finished the coursework three years ahead of schedule.  He is unassuming when asked about composing: “My approach to writing music is quite simple – when I have free time I just sit at the piano in my local musical school and start pushing keys. I have no plan, no preliminary melody or pattern in my mind. I can play hours until I catch something really cool. My music has meditative effect on me. I like very much to write music in continuous, endless manner. When it is so it can fill the whole space around me.”

Khabarov’s inspirations are diverse. “I’m inspired mostly by such modern musicians like Lubomyr Melnyk, Nils Frahm, Max Richter, Yann Tiersen, Jan Kaczmarek.”

Like neoclassical HUSH labelmate Nils Frahm he posesses both incredible dexterity as a pianist, and minimalist restraint as a composer. HUSH is pleased to share his debut recording Be with the world.