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Excerpted from the excellent gift to humanity cloakanddaggermedia.com. Read it all there, and listen to exclusive Novi Split tracks.

NAME: David Jerkovich


BANDS, PAST & PRESENT: Novi Split. Ill Lit. The Real Diego. Kind of Like Spitting. The Cherry Chans. The Sexy Sexies. Sexplosion.

LYRICAL INSPIRATIONS: Records. Smart people with great ideas. I can’t think of one inspirational moment that sent me over any edge though. I wish I had a Purple Rain moment to talk about. I wish I had a basement with a piano and a purple bike. You bet your ass. I write and record everything in a bathroom. It’s what I’ve always done at the end of my nights. I swear to God, I sit on the can and play guitar all night.

When I was younger I remember this kid telling me he wrote songs on a cliff outlooking the ocean. He said he felt some “real shit” out there. It was nice to think that it happened that way for people.

FAVORITE SONGWRITERS: I think we can all agree on the greats. People like Springsteen, Roger Waters, Phil Ochs, Tom Waits, KRS-1, Leonard Cohen, Woody Guthrie, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Billy Bragg, David Berman, John Lennon, Willie Nelson, etc. They all have the ability to make you and your whole crew say, “damn.” But what really intrigues me are the questionable songwriters. People like John Prine, Raekwon the Chef, Robyn Hitchcock, Randy Newman, Rod McKuen. The people who seem to hit you in a way that even your crew can’t understand. The songwriters you’re almost embarrassed to love are the best….