Shelley Short: Gifts From Paris & Portland


photo: Laurent Orseau

We’re pleased to announce that Shelley’s third album Water For The Day is now available for early order in the HUSHshop. Shelley will be playing a not-to-miss CD Release show at The Someday Lounge in Portland this Sunday April 13th before a short west coast tour to begin later in the month.

Thanks to Laurent Orseau, who since 2001 have fostered creativity with rare kindness and warmth with their nonprofit association Hinah, a true gift to humanity from which songs, images, and writings spring eternal. Shelley Short recently stopped in and annointed their new flat with a few songs:

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1 – “Godamn Thing”
00:02:49 / 3.23 MB
2 – “Sunny Side”
00:02:37 / 2.99 MB
3 – “Swimming”
00:03:23 / 3.88 MB
4 – “How Grand”
00:03:18 / 3.78 MB
5 – “Bells Of Hell”
00:01:57 / 2.23 MB

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  1. Shelley Short Christens Hinah’s Parisian Flat-- local Cut says:

    [...] Thanks to Hush Records for the tip! [...]

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