Novi Split “Hollow Notes” EP Download


There is no better way to describe David J’s latest music release than to just hear it:

Novi Split – “Hollow Notes” EP Sampler Mix

or, in his own words:

Check it. Novi Split. Hollow Notes. These songs come from the last few years of recording, and were recorded for a number of reasons. 1. Hollow Notes. This is a song I wrote so when I listen to it, I can feel sorry for myself. 2. New Kids. I wrote this song not too long ago. It’s weird. 3. Keep My Word. My friend CMG wrote this one. He’s doing a better version of this song on his new album coming out in October. Check it: 4. Here’s To The Rescue. My friend Daniel Ahearn wrote this. I love this song.

The song “Hollow Notes” will lend some tenderness to a beach scene on the season premiere of the TV show One Tree Hill this Monday Sept 14th.

The EP download is available in the HUSHshop (with bonus songs) and iTunes.

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  1. Ava & Mila » Blog Archive » Ava: 138 weeks old… says:

    […] Split) has a song on the season premiere of One Tree Hill tonight. Channel 5 at 8 pm. Watch it. His song ‘Hollow Notes’ will appear during some flashback beach scene. YEAH DEETS!!!! […]

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