“The End” Short Film

“The End” Short Film

Mike Johnson (of Parks & Recreation, Reclinerland) has once again teamed up with Grammar School Pictures for another deadpan short film. On the heels of the hilarious YOU ARE STANDING IN FRONT OF A CAVE, The End dives headlong into 99% pure monologue territory, über-minimal cinematograhy, and the pacing one might expect from Tarantino:

The 11+ minute static shot scene is impressive not only for Johnson’s uncut performance but, Shelby Lutjen’s (The Girl) as well, for not cracking up.

In the background are the strains of several HUSH songs appearing on the massive (28–mostly exclusive–track)  DECA compilation which recently celebrated it’s first birthday.  If you missed it the first time around, here’s an apt reminder to go and spend some time with it. FREE in the HUSHshop.


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