“A Cave, A Canoo” Top 10 of ’09, PDX show

“A Cave, A Canoo” Top 10 of ’09, PDX show

Shelley Shorts’ “A Cave, A Canoo” was recently selected by Popmatters as one of the top 10 releases of 2009:

As with labelmates Laura Gibson and Peter Broderick, to relegate Shelley Short to the category of folk music or singer-songwriter would be to ignore the imagination in her music. She approaches quiet music with the vocal style of a pop crooner and the perspective of a daydreaming child, seeing the world around as a place of mystery. A Cave, a Canoo beautifully captures that point of view, in moody songs riddled with strange angles and tones. Aglow with campfire and fireflies, lost in thoughts of death and birth, the album has a timeless quality that’s breathtaking, sounding new and old at once. The sound of the human voice, alone, is on display, within a fanciful but visceral setting that straddles lines between the adult and child worlds, animal and human worlds, the physical and the metaphysical. – Dave Heaton

Catch Shelley Friday, December 18th, at The Woods (6637 Milwaukie Avenue)

with Brittian Ashford ( NY, NY) and Kaylee Cole (Spokane).

Shelley will be joined by Julianna Bright on Drums and Alexis Gideon on guitar.