Catching Up with Jaina, CD Release

Catching Up with Jaina, CD Release

Nick Jaina has been tirelessly touring (see sidebar for NW dates happening over the next week). This should ensure an effortless and rousing performance at the upcoming not-to-be-missed CD/LP release party.  You can catch up with the Bard of indie with his most recent diary entries presenting the polar opposite ups and downs of touring in only a way Jaina could:

“See You In Heaven If You Make The List”

“Misuse of The Bassoon”

But more than that, what we would like to impress upon you here, right now is that with A Narrow Way Nick Jaina and his band have created an incredible album that you simply must own.  Listen:

“Walking Into A Burning House”

“Nick Jaina is my kind of guy. He loves good melodies and carefully-crafted words, well-structured chord progressions and the clever turn-of-phrase.  Feel the energy in the recording [and] notice how wonderful and immediate a song can sound when captured all in one take (as every track on Nick’s upcoming record, A Narrow Way, supposedly was). Take notice of the bells, the hand claps, the added voices at the end. All of these things were placed there carefully, lovingly; they all want you to sing along…” – Everybody Cares Everybody Understands

“Were Nick Jaina to completely abandon melody and meter, his songs would still hold merit solely on his strength as a writer. Seven albums of exploration into love, sex, religion and death have already established Jaina as one of the Northwest’s foremost songsmiths and with A Narrow Way the troubadour moves dangerously close to matching the intensity of his musical arrangements to the heartbreaking momentum of his storytelling.” – Willamette Week