Catching Up With Laura Gibson

Catching Up With Laura Gibson

Laura is about a week away from a short tour with Ethan Rose in support of the sublime Bridge Carols (out now on Holocene Music).  The duo recently premiered a mesmerizing video for “Younger” from director Ryan Jeffries.

Not long ago the duo raised the bar about ten million notches for live ambient performance at their Portland album release show.  Attendance at one of the upcoming shows is highly recommended, but since we don’t think they will be able to bring the additional ensemble in tow, here are some freshly uploaded videos that captured the surprise event from that show:

Watch all the videos from this performance in a playlist at YouTube.

Upcoming Dates

Mar 26 Bird on the Wire Festival Pullman, Washington
Mar 27 Visual Arts Collective Boise, Idaho
Mar 28 Slowtrain Records Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 31 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, California
Apr 1 Cal Arts Valencia, California
Apr 2 Echo Curio Los Angeles, California