Free Presents from Podington Bear.

Free Presents from Podington Bear.

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We are pleased to offer up some totally FREE musical gifts to you today from Podington Bear. The Lost Album collects the last 11 original songs posted in the run up to number 156 in the P Bear Podcast, whereas Remixes Vol 1 collects the remixes peppered throughout the year.  The Box Set, also available in the shop as 10 CD set or download, collects the rest of P Bear’s considerable catalog.

Just click on over to the shop to download these pups.

A couple of teaser mixes to give you the feel: The Lost Album & Remixes Vol 1.

The Lost Album

1. Sparkletone
2. Janky Cluster
3. Nature Kid
4. Robin’s Egg Blue
5. Simple To Operate
6. Drama Queen
7. Misfit Toys
8. Hook Line & Slinker
9. Proof
10. Invisible Is Not Invincible
11. Graduation

Remixes Vol I

1. I Believe In You (YACHT)
2. Father Of Failure (Horse Feathers)
3. Au Naturale (Radiohead)
4. Shake Shugaree (Laura Gibson)
5. Val K (Graves)
6. Radio Campaign (M Ward)
7. No Where (Graves)
8. Dumb Luck (Dntel)
9. Sweet Deception (Laura Gibson)
10. Perfect For Light (Bobby Birdman)