Hosannas Press

How often do you practice?

H: We practice six days a week. We are very devoted.

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“The best, most unfuckwithable, avant-pop I’ve heard… One of Portland’s finest indie outfits.”
– Portland Mercury

“undecided or nonexistent tempos… sampled rocking chair creaks… those of you over 30 probably won’t be able to hear that shit anyway.”
– kzsu zookeeper

“Well, that sure didn’t last a long time. The band formerly known as Church—who changed its name to Ape Cave after the Australian ’80s pop sensation the Church threatened to sue its ass—have decided on a different moniker: Hosannas….

ho·san·na also ho·san·nah (h-zn)
Used to express praise or adoration to God.

1. A cry of “hosanna.”
2. A shout of fervent and worshipful praise.

This actually seems like a pretty apt description for the band’s sound.”

-Local Cut

“Between listening moments of building tension and various levels of disheveled release in which song-structures could easily come unglued, Church manages to lure our ears into a deep, dark celebration of how effective the utilization of experimental electronic means to support basic analogue instrumentation can be. Each and every song is beautiful in a way you are hopefully already listening to with the featured track Opposite People.” – Milk Made Lemonade