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The following songs are “free & legal” for non-commercial use. That is to say, we encourage bloggers and budding media mavens everywhere to use them for their blogs, podcasts, radio streams, YouTube home movies, etc. (Just please be sure to send us an email and a link so we can keep in touch.)

Amy Annelle – “Will Try” from A School of Secret Dangers

Blanket Music – “I Love You” from The Love / Love Translation

Blanket Music – “You Shouldn’t Have Said That” from Cultural Norms

Blanket Music – “Hips” from Move

Blanket Music – “Bossa Rev” from Nice

Bobby Birdman – “I Said ‘OK.’ The Wind Said ‘No’!” from Born Free Forever

Bobby Birdman – “Moving On/Up” from Let Me In

NEW: Peter Broderick – “Below It” from HOME

Chad Crouch – “Go By Train” from Portland Or.

Dat’r – “Innercom / Inner Calm” from Turn Up The Ghosts

The Decemberists – “Shiny” from 5 Songs

Casey Dienel – “Doctor Monroe” from Wind-up Canary

Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble – “Morning Bell / Amnesiac” from Plastic Bag In The Tree

Laura Gibson – “Hands In Pockets” from If You Come To Greet Me

Graves – “Evil Stacking” from Seldom Slumber

Graves – “Val K” from Easy Not Easy

Graves – “Not Anymore At Night” from To Sur With Love

Graves – “The Will Now” from Yes Yes Okay Okay

Fancie – “Stolen Moments” from A Negative Capability

NEW: “Nick Jaina – Singing The Devil’s Tune” from Flight Cub EP

Nick Jaina – “Power” from Wool

Nick Jaina – “Maybe Cocaine” from The 7 Stations (May 12, 08)

Kind Of Like Spitting – “Aubergine” from In The Red

Kind Of Like Spitting – “When I’m Gone” from Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs

Kind Of Like Spitting – “One Bird One Stone” from $100 Room

Kind Of Like Spitting – “Old Moon Meet New” from Old Moon In The Arms Of The New

Kind Of Like Spitting – “Your Favorite Actor” from You Secretly Want Me Dead

Loch Lomond – “Carl Sagan” from Paper The Walls

Loch Lomond – “Tic” from Lament For Children

Jeff London – “The Bane Of Progress” from The Bane Of Progress

Jeff London – “Long Island” from Col. Summers Park

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan – “Ceiling Tiles” from Songs For ‘Three Days’

Noise For Pretend – “Due to Lamplooking” from Happy You Near

Norfolk & Western – “The Longest Stare” from The Unsung Colony

Norfolk & Western – “A Gilded Age” from A Gilded Age

Norfolk & Western – “Impossible” from Dusk In Cold Parlours

Novi Split – “Leaving It” from Pink In The Sink

The Places – “Til The Death” from Call It Sleep

NEW: Podington Bear – “Ebullience” from The End

Parks & Recreation – “Maybe The Moon Knows Something” from What Was She Doing…

Reclinerland – “My New York” from The Ideal Home Music Library Vol I

Reclinerland – “As Paranoid As I Am” from Reclinerland

NEW: Run On Sentence – “The Afterlife Pt 1” from Oh When The Wind Comes Down

Shelley Short – “Swimming” from Water For The Day (Apr 22, 08)

Shelley Short – “Like Anything It’s Small” from Captain Wildhorse…

Super XX Man – “September November” from Vol XI: A Better Place

Super XX Man – “Up Up Up” from X

Toothfairy – “Kicked Outta The Band” from Formative

Corrina Repp – “Finally” from It’s Only The Future

Corrina Repp – “Upstairs, Outside” from I Take On Your Days

Velella Vellela – “Flight Cub” from Flight Cub EP

Velella Vellela – “Do Not Fold / Do Not Bend” from The Bay Of Biscay