Meet Podington Bear.

Meet Podington Bear.


Podington Bear is the pen name of an anonymous musician who embarked on an ambitious music marathon at the beginning of 2007: to write, record, and release three songs a week. Up until mid October of last year he stayed true to that goal with song releases (via podcast) that “you could set your watch to”. Then something happened. Songs trickled out, where they had once gushed. Secretly, P Bear (as he is oft called) began work on the penultimate album which would complete the collection (10 CDs assembled in a box set) that he began creating at the beginning of that year. You might be inclined to think this prodigous output –some 156 songs) would make for some watered down, uninspired work, but to the contrary:

“Podington Bear may be heavily indebted to the Aphex Twins and Brian Enos of the world, but he or she shares their ability to inject heart into a genre that can be icy and clinical by nature.” – – Stephen Thompson, NPR Song of The Day

“I’m sure many of you will dismiss this as overly cutesy or twee before you hear a note. But if you give it a listen I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”  -Gorilla Vs. Bear

We are pleased to be teamed up with P Bear and his micro-label Poly Free to release The End and The Box Set to finer retail establishments on June 24th. Til Then here’s the shortest track, “Ebullience” to whet your appetite. A nice summer jam.


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