Nick Jaina To Release “A Bird In The Opera House”

Nick Jaina To Release “A Bird In The Opera House”

A Bird In The Opera House – April 13th

And now with this new record, A Bird In The Opera House. In a way it’s a spring in the opposite direction of A Narrow Way; A carefully crafted studio album. When the band got off of the road last year Nick moved into his friend Local Stuidio engineer Lee Howard’s house having been offered the opportunity to record in the studio he’d been building in the basement.” Nick moved into the little upstairs bedroom and started playing some of the electric guitars lying around the house, which ended up informing the pop-ier electric feel of the album. Later Lee gave Nick an old Kay guitar, the kind that Sears used to sell for fifty bucks and told him to keep it in his room for a week and write five new songs on it. Hence track two’s title, “Another Kay Song”

Nick made this album in the in-between moments, at the times that the studio was otherwise empty, or late at night when Lee wanted to try out a new amp or microphone. It was a gradual process, allowing Nick time to sit up in his room and think about the direction of the songs. To deconstruct them, and put them back together. To live in them without consequence. The result is an intimate album that is positive and upbeat but also rich and dark. It adventures, endeavors, reflects and drifts just like any great story.


Another Kay Song
Days In My Room
Sleep Child
I Don’t Believe You
Officer Schoppe
Strawberry Man
Matrimonial Bed