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Graves – “Con Tios y Tias and Friendly Phones” Cassette

2010 10 01 12:41

Graves have new record “Con Tios Y Tias” out on Tape cassette with Florida’s Whirlingcloud Records. On other side of said Tape is “Friendly Phones” a compilation of friends songs and personal phone messages. get personal. tell dark secrets. try harder.

20 tracks!

Get it with instant download or download a la carte in the HUSHshop!

This tape is a hoot.  A real gem. Listen:

Track Uno

New Graves Video: “Lazer Shows & Hollywood”

2010 05 08 15:13

Gorgeous Spring weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  What better time for a new Graves track!

Lazer Shows & Hollywood (Graves) from Bob Thayer on Vimeo.

Graves Highlights

2009 09 08 06:52

Greg Olin and co. let loose their inner tiger a few weeks ago at The Woods.  Here’s a few highlights:



See ‘em all.

Graves – “Grupe Park” & “Smackdown”

2008 10 22 08:43

Graves played an art opening at Seaplane last week. Here are a couple of highlights:

Graves – “Grupe Park” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Graves – “Smackdown” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

New Graves Vid: White Light

2008 09 08 08:31

Some rollicking action from Graves in anticipation of reflection on tour dates down south. A little bit different in feel for Graves, this cut reminds me of CCR. This vid catches the boys mucking around in Lee Vining, Californ-i-aay.

White Light (Graves in Lee Vinging, Ca.) from greg olin on Vimeo.

Graves – Solid Home Life – “Petting Zoo” Video

2008 06 12 12:25

Something super sweet for you from the new Greg Olin concern dubbed Solid Home Life. He hasn’t strayed far from the Graves signature sound, but my what a foil he’s found in vocalist Lindsay Scheif! Check out “Petting Zoo”. Looks like Super 8:

Petting Zoo from greg olin on Vimeo.