Loch Lomond Daytrotter Session.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond’s daytrotter session finds the light of day, and it’s a dandy. Do yourself a favor and visit Daytrotter to download it and many more.

  1. Blue Lead Fences - original version appears on Blue Lead Fences 7″. This is this first song I wrote on the violin. I play the violin like a mandolin because I have no skills when it comes to bowing. The song itself is themed after my childhood in which I truly thought I could fly, was as close to a dictator as any modern day eight-year-old could be. I was leading, in a small Central Oregon town, a group of children like an army willing to sacrifice themselves for their fearless leader. That all changed when they became self-aware and rebelled against my iron fist domination over them. The highs and lows of being a child dictator.
  2. Ghost Of An Earthwormoriginal version appears on Night Bats. Many of the Loch Lomond songs are based on my dreams. I had a dream that I was a giant earthworm in India and lived there for many millennia. I swallowed a human skeleton and found that I was able to walk the earth undetected by the human race. I walked and walked the earth searching for someone like me. A love song of sorts.
  3. Spine – original version appears on Night Bats. Spine is very simply an anti love song about betrayal, murder and revenge.
  4. Egg Song - unreleased. This song is based on isolating, blaming others and denial of own problems and how that can destroy you. It is about being self-aware and humble. A grown up-themed children song.

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