Corrina Repp – “It’s Only The Future”

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Corrina Repp is an uncompromising and singular performer. Her song writing is empowered, reflective, and meditative. In the past she’s been compared to Cat Power and Gillian Welch which is understandable in the way all three infuse their song writing with strength, complexity and a contemplative beauty. With It’s Only The Future, Repp’s warm, spacious, minimal guitar picking and smoky voice dovetail with electronic beats and programming (provided by collaborator Keith Schreiner of Dahlia) with alchemical brilliance.


Produced on days off (Repp works part time for HUSH and as a server in a chic Crêperie) with Schriener at the boards engineering and programming, the sessions were casual and deeply rewarding. Guided by Repp’s minimalist vision, the two artists created a wholly unique collection of songs that would become I Take On Your Days. The popular Azure Ray may be a descriptive touchstone (neither are actually familiar with them), but the listener will hear an unmistakable depth and rawness to Repp’s song writing which sets it apart. The adjective “pretty” just doesn’t come to mind. Haunting. Shimmering. Honest. Intense. But not pretty.


In the live setting Repp is legendary for casting a spell over the audience. Noisy crowds are transfigured by her stage presence; rapt in attention for the quiet intensity of her songs. An icon in the Portland scene, Repp has only ventured out on a couple of west coast tours over the years, most recently with staunch advocates The Decemberists. Her veteran status is often lost on writers across the country; a shame because anyone who has seen will tell you she’s not minor league, and she’s certainly not derivative. It’s an uphill battle for anyone who prefers going it alone with a guitar and voice but Corrina takes it in stride, “I just want people to hear it, that’s all.”


1. Lost At Sea
2. It’s Only The Future
3. You Almost made It Out, But You Turned Around
4. No One’s Telling
5. Have And To Hold
6. Finally
7. Replaced
8. Drink
9. SS 5,000
10. ‘ll Be Seeing You


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