Rauelsson – Free / Support “Debutantes” EP

Rauelsson – Free / Support “Debutantes” EP


Raúl Pastor Medal is one classy Spaniard.  While some are content to collect the cast-offs for extra-album material, Raúl saw fit to reserve two of the finest tracks (“Depredadores” and “Desbocados”) as a special gift for listeners, and offer them up for free (or your support).  They are bundled with the album opener, “Debutantes”, an almost A Capella choral arrangement Spanish version of Loch Lomond’s “Elephants and Little Girls” translated “Elephantes y Niñas”, and a haunting Chad Crouch remix of the album track “Palidez” entitled “Palideces”. We are honored to share such a quality audible morsel with you, available now in the HUSHshop.  Enjoy!

Rauelsson – “Debutantes” Sampler Mix

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