On Turning 10.

On Turning 10.

music1-570.jpgOMG. Carson Ellis (illustrator/artist extraordinaire) painted a picture of me with my kitties and stuff for a Mercury article. She is way too busy for that, and too famouso. Shoot, she’s getting married in less than a fortnight. Thanks Carson!

And people are being really nice and warm and fuzzy. I’m seriously getting choked up. I just have a good feeling about this upcoming show (Laura Gibson, Loch Lomond, and Nick Jaina this Saturday, the 12th at The Aladdin . I think it’s going to be really, really special and I’d love everyone–even if you’re like the skeptical person who caught the article and is reading this right now, suspicious the music actually merits profiles in the local weeklies–to come join us. It’s in the air. Good times.

I’m just glad Carson didn’t illustrate my secret diagram for a music trap. I totally have to patent it first. For more on the music trap and other wacky ideas you can refer to this kind Willamette Week article.

ps. I can’t resist a shout out to all my talented friends who keep it real. Thanks HUSHfolk! You rock me. Go Portland!