Nick Jaina – “A Narrow Way”

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There is fear all around; fear of being different, fear of being the same–and in the middle is the narrow way, a small path that is hard to stay on, but which leads to very good things. A Narrow Way is an album featuring aggressively memorable songs recorded in a unique way to capitalize on the energy of the live performance skills of Nick Jaina’s band, an energy that has been honed by many performances on the streets of this great country. This album was played entirely by ten musicians in the same room at the same time, all mixed live to 1/4″ analog tape. This process was similar to the way that albums were recorded in the fifties and sixties, before the Beatles started taking drugs in ’65 and giving everyone a different idea of how people should make albums. On A Narrow Way, every instrument leaps off the tape with immediacy and humanity. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the songs deal with the narrow path that people must take to do right in the world.


This album was recorded and mixed live at Type Foundry Studios in Portland by Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western). If the band needed a hand clap or a tambourine hit, they had to bring in an extra person to do it, instead of just over-dubbing it. As modern recording has diminished the importance of actually performing in the moment, they felt that it would create a sense of urgency to remove all safety nets and technological helpers, allowing the band to play together in a room like musicians used to do. Bands want to play music together in a room at the same time. It’s their natural habitat. It makes them happy. Like wildebeests in the Serengeti.


A Narrow Way will be released this fall on compact disc by HUSH Records and on 180-gram Vinyl by Jealous Butcher. It will be available in stores and online on October 14th, but the band will have it for sale on their national tour, which begins on September 10th in Boise and which them around the country in a clockwise motion for 25 shows in 40 days. (HUSH Records has released such great artists as The Decemberists, Laura Gibson and Loch Lomond. Jealous Butcher has put out Vinyl for M Ward, Laura Veirs and The Decemberists.)



1. A Narrow Way
2. Walking Into A Burning House
3. That’s The Kind of Fruit That You Leave On The Vine
4. Battleground
5. Eleanor
6. Winding Sheet
7. I Forget My Name
8. That Tired Tired Lie
9. Singing The Devil’s Tune
10. Planters Field
11. I Know I’m Your Man


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