Casey Dienel – “Wind-up Canary”

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Even those who think they’ve heard it all haven’t heard anything like Casey Dienel. “Wind-Up Canary” is literally her first-ever recording, and it finds her matching prodigious musical talent with a lyrical point-of-view that’s wild and odd and sharp as brass tacks. A thousand quirky songwriters couldn’t imitate her style if they tried.


Casey’s own story is suitably original as well. She’s 20 years old and has been playing piano and writing songs since she was 4. After spending most of her life in the relative isolation of a Massachusetts fishing village, she moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory where, unable to choose between opera or classical composition, decided to focus on her own pop songs instead.


“Wind-Up Canary” is the result of an invitation to record for free at an abandoned caretaker’s house on a farm in Leominster, Mass. With some Conservatory friends and a piano borrowed from the lobby of a local hotel, these songs were recorded in the dead of winter last year. Casey finished the songs and put them away, figuring that was that. It wasn’t until a friend of a friend sent a copy to Hush that any plans were made to release “Canary” to the world at large.


Doctor Monroe
Baby James
Cabin Fever
Frankie and Annette
The Coffee Beanery
Old Man
All Or Nothing
The La La Song


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