Rauelsson – “Tiempo De EP & Pacífico EP”

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Tiempo de e.p & Pacífico e.p is a collection of fourteen delicate folk-pop, word-conscious, narrative songs presented in a double cd package conceptually designed to present music in two acts; act I (the need to love) and act II (the need to be loved). Songs, they talk to each other. Simple, yet full in texture, the sound involves pianos, brushes, acustic and nylon guitars and other instrumentation backing softly-sung words. Written and recorded in chronological order, completed song after completed song, these tunes were documented in living rooms, basements, outdoor spaces and studios in Spain (Castellón and Madrid) as well as in Portland, OR using an old, rare 12-track, portable 2-inch tape machine and a digital recorder device from the pre-laptop era. Slowly cooked, it was recorded during the late 06 and full 07 with the great help of friends in Spain (members of Amigos Imaginarios, Pleasant Dreams, Litius) and the Americas; you can hear the beautiful voices of folk singers Laura Gibson, Ritchie Young (Loch Lomond) and Bay Area’s pop maestro Bart Davenport plus the mandolin and cello of members of Weinland and Horse Feathers, respectively.



Tiempo De EP

Solo Los Pájaros Pueden Volar
Mís Amor Del Que Tu Crees
Nueva Inglaterra
Tuve Que Salir De Mi
Encuentra Un Lugar
A Tu Lado, Al Final
Cazadores De Tornados


Pacifico EP

Otoño Pacifico
La Gentle Oscurece
Quiero Hacerte Bien
Guantes De Lana
Las Vidas Peligrosas
Waltz Para Empezar De Nuevo

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