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Novi Split’s NEW EP: If Not This, Then What

2014 03 14 18:35

David Jerkovich is switched ON.  Seven years since his masterpiece Pink In The Sink, David is back in the saddle, this time with the backing of his ringer friends. It’s really good, nourishing music–the kind you’d happily pay for– and this coming Tuesday, he’s giving it away. Bookmark it! 



1. You Got Served

2. Stupid

3. Hold Tight

4. Hollow Notes

5. Young Girls

6. Clay Pigeons

Novi Split: New Songs

2013 12 31 12:24

It’s been at least three years since we’ve heard something new from Novi Split.  David Jerkovich says he’s getting ready to turn a new leaf in 2014 by dusting off these tunes and collecting them in a couple EPs, Creeping Round Your Face and Spare Songs, in anticipation of sharing some newly recorded gems in 2014.  These new songs were recorded with his ace band at his new studio,  The Ocotillio, at Pehrspace in Los Angeles.

Did I mention he’s offering them up for free / $upport?  Check it out:

New track from Novi Split: “Creeping Round Your Face”

2012 01 06 16:28

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from David J.  Here’s a track that rubs shoulders with the best of his repertoire, and he’s giving it away via Bandcamp.  A happy new year indeed!

And here’s the video:

Novi Split – Creeping Around Your Face from novi split on Vimeo.

New videos from Novi Split

2011 12 29 11:53

Two new videos from Novi Split, both using found footage to a charming effect:

Novi Split – Hollow Notes from novi split on Vimeo.

Novi Split – Keep My Word (‘CMG & WE ARE THE NIGHT’ cover) from novi split on Vimeo.

Novi Split – New Videos

2011 09 25 22:10

Highlighting tracks from the Hollow Notes EP, these videos use some pretty amazing found film to play off the lyrics.

Novi Split “Hollow Notes” EP Download

2009 09 12 12:16


There is no better way to describe David J’s latest music release than to just hear it:

Novi Split – “Hollow Notes” EP Sampler Mix

or, in his own words:

Check it. Novi Split. Hollow Notes. These songs come from the last few years of recording, and were recorded for a number of reasons. 1. Hollow Notes. This is a song I wrote so when I listen to it, I can feel sorry for myself. 2. New Kids. I wrote this song not too long ago. It’s weird. 3. Keep My Word. My friend CMG wrote this one. He’s doing a better version of this song on his new album coming out in October. Check it: 4. Here’s To The Rescue. My friend Daniel Ahearn wrote this. I love this song.

The song “Hollow Notes” will lend some tenderness to a beach scene on the season premiere of the TV show One Tree Hill this Monday Sept 14th.

The EP download is available in the HUSHshop (with bonus songs) and iTunes.

Ben Barnett & David J (Novi Split) highlights

2009 01 05 11:04

Stopping off at Portland’s The Artistery, the trifecta of Ben Barnett (of Kind of Like Spitting), David J (of Novi Split) and Sean Bonnette (of Andrew Jackson Jihad) made for a memorable evening’s performance. All were in fine form, playing a pile of covers and trying out new material on the second night of their tour of the west. Many more clips can be found here, including a lively take on “Punk Rock Girl” and a highly recommended kitchen performance of Tom T Hall’s “Chicken Song” by David J.

Novi Split - "Bright Bleak" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Novi Split - "Old Times" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Ben Barnett - "Are You Sure This Is Where You Want to Be" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Ben Barnett - "Best Of Things" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.