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Run On Sentence – “Christmas Don’t Be Late”

2008 12 16 08:10

xmascomp by localcut.

As a teaser for the Another Grey Christmas II compilation just released (featuring Laura Gibson, Podington Bear, Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble, Super XX Man [with Mike Johnson] and another song by Run On Sentence [with Pancake Breakfast]–all of HUSH affiliation) Willamette Week saw fit to release Run On Sentence’s delightful alternate today via the Local Cut blog:

Christmas Don’t Be Late

The comp is available at Jackpot, Music Millenium, and direct from WW. Proceeds benefit P:ear. Also features tracks by A Weather, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Dolorean, Easter Egg, Future Historians, Gingerbread Patriots, Ohioan and Native Kin, Old Believers (with Eskimo & Sons’ Danielle Sullivan) and Ralf Youtz (of Ape Shape and Built to Spill).

Run On Sentence Live

2008 11 18 03:25

A couple songs from Run On Sentence’s recent show with Elf Power and Vic Chestnut.  Be sure to make it out to the Run On Sentence Portland’s CD Release Thursday Nov 20 @ A Roadside Attraction with Heroes and Villains and Part Time Pony!

Run On Sentence - "The Afterlife Pt II" from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Run On Sentence – “Do The Jellyfish from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Run On Sentence – “Wide Open Sky” (New)

2008 10 16 08:10

Dustin Hamman resides in The Columbia Gorge, just outside of Lyle, Wa on an idyllic and rough-hewn 40 acre micro-winery. In this wild place he conjured up the songs which comprise Oh When The Wind Comes Down. The following video does a good job of relating the sense of place, backed by birdsong and breeze, that informs both the content of Dustin’s songs and character. Beyond enjoyment of the song, it’s worth watching to the end to catch Dustin’s remarks about glimpsing a rainbow while performing on camera; an endearing deflection which sums up Dustin’s unassuming point of view and gentle demeanor.

Oh When The Wind Comes Down (album sampler)

Run On Sentence Tours by Train

2008 10 14 11:24

Dustin Hamman–also known as Run On Sentence–is taking to the rails to bring you his music. Here Dustin demonstrates his incredibly mobile touring rig: a guitar case with a skateboard truck screwed to the bottom and a petite suitcase with merch and essentials. I don’t think it could get anymore compact or environmentally conscious. Don’t miss him in your neck of the woods! (Tour dates in right sidebar, natch.)

Today marks the release of his wonderful Oh When The Wind Comes Down. Have a listen to the album sampler and treat yourself to this treasure in the HUSHshop:
Oh When The Wind Comes Down (album sampler)

Run On Sentence Daytrotter Sesh.

2008 09 01 09:29

Daytrotter has posted yet another digital care package for you, featuring our newest voice/face, Dustin Hamman, who will release Oh When The Wind Comes Down on October 14th. It’s a lovely collection highlighting Dustin’s earthy croon and dynamic delivery.

We highly encourage taking your time while you’re there and settling in with the reading material of Sean Moeller, which accompanies the four tracks. Go there now, friend.

Do the Jellyfish
Carrie Pt. II
Foreign and Awkward
State of the Union

Corrina Repp – “Space And All Dead Things” video

2008 09 01 09:15

From the exquisite track off the DECA compilation (Free, here.)
a video offering for you:

Corrina Repp – “Space And All Dead Things” from HUSH Records on Vimeo.

Meet Run On Sentence

2008 05 14 22:11


Run On Sentence is the name Dustin Hamman chose to represent his music variously played solo, or in ensemble. The name may be a bit of a misnomer, in that Hamman’s songs are taut in verse and structure. Stylistically his songs may be adventurous (blues, juke joint music, soaring arrangements a lá Neutral Milk Hotel…) but he is never prone to prattle or self-indulgence. His debut Oh When The Wind Comes Down will be released on HUSH this fall. It was produced by Nick Jaina and features many (most) of the players from the Nick Jaina band and other Portland all stars. Just today the Willamette Week published a feature on him in anticipation of his show this Friday at Mississippi Studios (10pm) with Ryan Solee (of The Builders and the Butchers). This is a highly recommended event.

Hear some tracks on his Myspace page. See also his profile on this site.