Rauelsson – “Debutantes”

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Elefantes y Niñas
Palideces (Chad Crouch Remix)


About this special free offering from HUSH:


Dear listener,


I have made a new album. It is called La Siembra, la Espera y la Cosecha, and it will be released January 12th 2010 on HUSH Records. To celebrate the release of the record we thought we would like to share some music with you: a five songs e.p. that we called Debutantes e.p.


1. Debutantes will open La Siembra, la Espera y la Cosecha. It is the only song of this e.p. that appears here as it will be on the record. It was recorded and mixed earlier this year 2009 at Type Foundry, in Portland, OR. Adam Selzer recorded, produced and mixed it, and Dave Depper was of really great help co-producing and playing a number or instruments. Debutantes also features Ritchie Young on vocal harmonies.


2. Elefantes y Niñas is a cover of Elephants and Little Girls, by Loch Lomond, one of my favorite bands. Originally I wanted to recreate the song limiting myself to using only vocals and sounds I could make without “instruments”. However, soon after I started recording I had the chance to use an old beautiful pump organ and a marxophone, and that changed the original idea quite a bit. I recorded this song at home in SE Portland, in a cabin by the Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, WA and at Sean Ogilvie’s Wooden Fences Studio in Sellwood, in October / November 2009. Sean helped me a lot finishing the song, and he mixed it.


3. Palideces is Chad’s Crouch version of Palidez (un Aviso), a song also included on the record. I am very pleased that he had done an alternative version of one of my songs. I have always liked his vision of sound (I really loved his ‘Sound of Picture Vol. 3: Ambient’ album) and his ability to interpret other people’s music, so I feel very honored to be “rearranged” by Chad.


4. Depredadores and 5. Desbocados are previously unreleased songs that were recorded during the sessions for La Siembra, la Espera y la Cosecha. Most of the tracking for these two songs was done live at Type Foundry with Rachel Blumberg and Dave. These songs were recorded and arranged very collaboratively, which was really exciting. Dave and Adam played electric guitars and it felt good to play Pop music.


Thanks for listening,
Raúl Pastor Medall
Portland OR, November 29th 2009