Corrina Repp – “I Take On Your Days”

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Corrina Repp is one of those singer-songwriters that has cultivated an almost mythical reputation for crafting exquisite songs and performing stirring solo renditions to hushed crowds. She is that rare songwriter that is best seen and heard by herself. Her stage presence is unmatched in alternating intensity and charm. Her lyricism and phrasing has been aptly described as haiku-like; indeed the emphasis in I Take on Your Days is the vocal delivery, often leaving listeners with lumps in their throats.


Did You Say You Were Grown? 2:36
Opinion 2:50
Your Son Now 2:29
Undertow 2:36
Goodnews 2:04
I Take On Your Days 3:30
Gone 3:14
Blues for the Unencouraged 3:00
Upstairs, Outside 2:05
Let’sCall It The Truth 3:12


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