Kind Of Like Spitting – “$100 Room”

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Kind of Like Spitting – “$100 Room” Sampler Mix


LLike Weezer’s Blue Album, One Hundred Dollar Room became the underground touchstone for a generation of young musicians who gravitated toward the dynamic mish-mash of punk rock, scorched pop and balladry. Suddenly everywhere “Kind of Like Spitting” was listed in band descriptions, classifieds, and reviews as an influence to younger bands, not unlike the Pixies whose legacy was the scattering of seeds and musical ideas to garage bands the world over. Recorded in June of 2000 at Typefoundry studios by Adam Selzer (The Decemberists, M. Ward, Norfolk and Western), the rights to this hard-to-find classic recording were recently acquired by HUSH for reissue One Hundred Dollar Room was a watershed release for the Kind of Like Spitting, cementing Ben Barnett’s reputation as a musical auteur, able to ply his songwriting successfully over a myriad of styles while uniting them in the umbrella of an album with a classical composer’s flair for dynamics, motif, and drama. That One Hundered Dollar Room sounds as fresh today as it did in 2000 is a testament to the both the staying power of Barnett’s understanding of melody and hooks, as well as his rare vision for dynamic song arrangements. The interplay of loud and soft textures on this recording, often in the space of a single track, are as dazzling to the accomplished musician as they are instantly satisfying to anyone in earshot. Considered by many, including this record label (only slightly beating out Old Moon In The Arms Of The New [HSH021]), as the best release from that era, One Hundred Dollar Room is ripe for rediscovery on it’s 5th year anniversary.


One Bird. One Stone
This Life, So Unlike The Last
26 Is Too Soon
B-Side Poetry
Yes, You’re Busted
Free Advice
Pick A Town, Find A Box, Live Alone
Sex Ruins Everything
Little Time Bomb


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