Rauelsson w/ Peter Broderick – “Réplica”

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Tracklist [36.5 min]
1. El Lobo, la Liebre y la Panza del Burro
2. Un Castillo, un Molino, un Mapa y un Plan


• 6 panel liner notes printed with metallic ink, featuring an introduction by Peter Broderick and history from Raúl Pastor Medall
• HUSH window Arigato Pak.


• 180 gram audiophile Vinyl LP.
• Contains digital download coupon.
• Nicely Printed liner notes featuring an introduction by Peter Broderick and history from Raúl Pastor Medall


Réplica is a new Rauelsson record. Spanish-born, Portland OR-based Raúl Pastor Medall and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick recorded and co-produced Réplica collaboratively. The album comprises of two pieces of music, most of which revolve around layered guitars, reverberating pianos, strings, and haunting, atmospheric vocals. In appreciation to the renaissance of the Vinyl era, the two pieces of music were born to be side -a- (14:29 min) and side -b- (21:56 min) of a record.

After some preliminary work sending tracks back and forth via electronic correspondence for more than half a year, Raúl and Peter finally got together in Oregon in July 09, and spent an entire week finishing the album; recording pianos in a pre- elementary school class, opening windows in a house in SE Portland for the chance sounds to be a part of their recordings, placing a field recorder on a tire swing that was hanging from an old oak tree, recording themselves running in circles around such oak tree, using bushes and stepping onto rocks as percussion, retreating for a couple of days to finish the album on a barn near Carlton, OR, where Peter’s dad lives…, they just let their imagination go free with not other principle than enjoying music and their time together.


Réplica is a sonic fountainhead, a journey of sounds and words. Rich in texture and structure, even epic and quite experimental on some passages, the record also presents the most introspective and bare folk songs Raul?s has written to date. Beyond his role as co-producer and player of a wide-range collection of instruments, Peter’s main contribution in Réplica is a series of interludes and improvisations created to interconnect Raúl?s songs within each piece. Some of these improvisations were recorded over foggy soundscapes created by multi-talented music/visual artist Chad Crouch. Peter’s sorrowful violins rise and fall delightfully, opening and closing spaces, and he clearly shows here that he has found a lucid place in his vocal performance that is plastic enough to be used without limitations. Peter’s sister, Heather Woods Broderick, also participates on the record; she played flute, sang, and helped arrange cello parts for the record, which are grand though their character is often so unobtrusive that music breathes simple in their nature. Not afraid of its ambiances, sparse or epic moments John Askew (Tracker) classily mixed the album in his Scenic Burrows studio, in Portland OR. The record has been mastered on magnetic tape by pianist/sound maestro Nils Frahm in Berlin, Germany.

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