Run On Sentence

Run On Sentence October Tour

*For details about house shows, email

Oct. 2: Norman, OK @ The Deli
Oct. 3: Norman, OK @  The Chouse
Oct. 4: OKC, OK  @ Belle Isle Restaurant & Brew Pub
Oct. 5: Wichita, KS @  Fisch Haus
Oct. 6: Kansas City, MO @ The Westport Saloon
Oct. 7: Parkville, MO @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 8: Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
Oct. 9: Ames, IA @ DG’s Tap House
Oct. 10: Fairfield, IA @ The Arbor Bar
Oct. 11: Iowa City @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 12: Chicago, IL @ The Elbo Room
Oct. 13: Argos, IN @ J’s Pub
Oct. 14: Canton, OH @ Buzzbin
Oct. 15: Cuyahoga Falls, OH @ Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh-Roos
Oct. 16: Athens, OH @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 17: Louisville, KY @ Gerstle’s
Oct. 18: TBD @ TBD
Oct. 19: Murfreesboro, TN Boro Bar & Grill
Oct. 21: Springfield, MO @ Lindbergs Bar
Oct. 22: Tulsa, OK @ Soundpony Bar (early show 5-7 HH!)
Oct. 23: OKC, OK @ Grandad’s Bar
Oct. 24: DFW, TX @ TBD
Oct. 25: Austin, TX @ The Blackheart
Oct. 26: Marfa, TX @ El Cosmico
Oct. 27: El Paso, TX @ Monarch

This video/interview recently came out on OPB Stagepass… enjoy!

Dustin Hamman’s “Beneath The Harvest Sky” Soundtrack Pre-order, CD Release Show

Run On Sentence - "Beneath The Harvest Moon Soundtrack"

The frontman to Run On Sentence, Dustin Hamman, has created a compelling soundtrack for one very impressive coming-of-age genre film set to open in a few weeks, Beneath The Harvest Sky, featuring actors Caillan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby), Emory Cohen (Place Beyond The Pines), and Aidan Gillen (Game Of Thrones).

The soundtrack is now available for pre-order!

Portlanders, be sure to catch Run On Sentence at The Doug Fir this Sunday Mar 16th with Casey Neill & The  Norway Rats and Paleo.
The instrumental music composed for this film sketches out a very tender and sacred space. It is the sound of lonesome pioneers, subsisting on very little. Half of it sounds like fur trappers blowing on their hands to keep warm in a barn without heat. The other half of the music is the opposite of that: fueled by cheap cans of beer crushed under the feet of a band playing in a ditch for a small-town party. The music bursts from moments of euphoria to moments of reverence. Old church pianos are dusted-off and brought to life to merge in a gracious harmony with thrift-store organs. The pieces have a crystalline structure. They have a strength to their construction but they can also be blown away by a too-strong breath. The sound is dirty at times, dirty like the hands of the harvest workers. It’s a well- earned dirtiness, of old guitars plugged in the wrong way and punished rather than played.

Run On Sentence Kickstarter: Community Supported Music

Dustin is a rare breed. He’s got a voice that can billow and croon, writes songs full of passion, and has dry sense of humor that gives his dynamism an endearing levity. What’s more, this is a Kickstarter video the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Support his singular vision and talent.

Music at Occupied Wall Street

Run On Sentence’s Dustin Hamman is seen here sitting in with Josh Fox, Sean Lennon, Rufus Wainright,  Eden Price and Charlotte Kemp Muhl performing “Material Girl” for Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Run On Sentence: CSM, Hippo For Christmas

Over at Dustin Hamman is concocting his own home brew of crowd funding, and rather than attempt to summarize, we’ll turn it over to him:

Howdy friends.

I make a lot of recordings. They are usually quite different than what you get when you buy a Run On Sentence album. They may be recordings of me just playing guitar and singing, there may be 14 layers of vocals two organs and a drum, i might rock out on my midi guitar and make some silliness, i might play a song i’ve crafted, i may make one up as i go, i may cover someone else’s tune, and i might even cover one of my own… it’s hard to say really. The point is that i make them, and i’d like to share some of them with you.

That’s why i’ve decided to start a CSM. It stands for Community Supported Music.
For a donation of $10 – $25 you will receive, via email, 12-20 MP3 recordings in 2011. One a month guaranteed, plus 8 others mixed in if i get 40 or more people to support the project.

If you are interested in supporting this project simply click this button

In the “purpose” field, type CSM plus the email address you would like your music sent to and make your donation. If you’d prefer, you can also send a check, payable to Dustin Hamman, to:
Dustin Hamman
6 Lyle-Snowden Rd.
Lyle, WA 98635

Most, importantly, it would greatly improve the success of this project if you could help spread the word with anyone you think might be interested. You could even sign someone up as a holiday gift!

Still not convinced? Here’s my rendition of the Holiday Classic, I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas as a sample of the joy you could receive throughout the year.

Thanks for your support,
-dustin hamman