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Hosannas Release “Together”, Complete Concert Footage, and Free EP

2010 11 10 16:16
Hosannas’ new studio album Together is out now.  The band has been seemingly on tour in perpetuity. Have a listen and get your CD or download from the HUSHshop

Have a listen:

Hosannas – “Together” Sampler Mix

What better opportunity to present this entire concert watchable in a YouTube playlist from the vault to give you an idea of the dynamism of this band:


And if that wasn’t enough, the band is graciously offering up a free remix EP with a twist:  each distinguished remixer was only given one ‘stem’ (instrument track) from the recording to work with.  They also never heard the finished studio version.  It’s a sonic journey.

Download the EP for free!

Wizards of Remixery include:







Hosannas – “When We Were Young” Video

2010 10 02 18:29

Hosannas – When We Were Young from hosannas portland on Vimeo.

Hosannas Tour, Video Session, Release ‘Together’ Nov 9.

2010 09 15 09:36

Hosannas | Circle Into Square Sessions #3 from Circle Into Square on Vimeo.

Hosannas played this two song set for the videographers at highlighting their own brand of balladry as a duo.

1. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on my Shoulder) (Beach Boys cover)

2. Open Your Doors

Today they embark on an epic tour. They’ll have their latest album in tow, the first release for their own label Tree Farm (in partnership with HUSH).  Together is the first studio album from Hosannas, recorded earlier this year with John Askew (Dodos, Tu Fawning) at Scenic Burrows Studio in Portland. Due out Nov 9th, you can hear it first by picking up a copy at one of their shows.

For The Complete Dates: Read the rest of this entry »

Hosannas “Then & Now & Then” Album Release This Sunday

2010 05 05 01:37

May 9th at Mississippi Studios with the lovely Tu Fawning, and Ah Holly Family.

Fresh of their east coast tour, the Hosannas boys will be playing new and old as they present Then & Now & Then shipping from the HUSHshop now, and available at finer record shops and digital retailers May 11.

Make sure to peep their website

Here’s some video from a Mississippi Studios performance a few months back to when your appetite.



Hosannas – “Then & Now & Then” To Drop May 11

2010 02 17 16:44

Hosannas has been the talk of the town in ’09 and early ’10, so it brings us great pleasure to announce their upcoming May release Then & Now & Then:

Then & Now & Then captures Hosannas at a defining moment.  Collecting the first fruits of brothers Richard and Brandon Laws songwriting with the mellifluous accompaniment of Cristof Hendrickson, this is a slightly warmer and more comprehensive introduction to the band (formerly known as Church) than their well-received Song Force Crystal, which in addition to their intense tour ethic and consistent presence in the Portland scene, helped Hosannas amass a sizable following.

At the center, the brothers vocals dovetail with a rare sensitivity and tenderness, floating over a shifting landscape of warm, distorted guitar figures, found sounds, electric piano, analog synth squalls and the occasional tribal percussion rave up.  It’s a complex tapestry that revels in willful discord, textural juxtapositions,  and arrangements with intense mood swings.  Hosannas is experimental in the same way that the Beach Boys were experimental in their day: challenging assumptions and conventions of pop songwriting, while honoring the fundamentals:  melody, ethos, harmony, golden ratios, modulation, surprise.

But, it may come as no surprise Then & Now & Then was recorded to analog 4 track tape in the living room of an old Portland house.  One can almost hear the freedom of time and space in these songs, as if they were discovered, explored and mapped in the same place. Culling from two short-run CDR EP releases and adding 3 previously unreleased songs, this collection has been wholly reinvigorated with a much-needed mastering from Carl Saff,  and a song sequence that takes the listener on a journey with a beginning, middle and end.


The Sea (alternate)
Bee Cave
King Crow
Seen You But See Through
Asleep In The Weeds
Catch Up To You
Onward With Bravery
Right As Rain
Song Force Crystal

Upcoming Dates

  • 02/18/10 in Portland, Or at PSU – Parkway North, Smith Student Union (7pm)
  • 03/13/10 in Seattle, Wa at University of Seattle [at The Bistro]
  • 03/14/10 in Portland, Or at Knife Shop
  • 04/06/10 in Davis, Ca at UC Davis Quad (Noon)
  • 04/07/10 in Palo Alto, Ca at Stanford (at the Coho)
  • 04/09/10 in Ashland, Or at Alex’s Restaurant
  • 04/10/10 in Portland, Or at Sunburn Music Festival at Lewis and Clark