Demo Policy:

With regard to demos, we totally strongly discourage unsolicited mailings. Please, please save your money and time and product. If you’d like us to listen to your music, we prefer a link to some mp3s online or a myspace page (mp3 files sent as attachments will be regarded as spam. That’s tacky!). Please send submissions to:

Label Proprietor


If you’d like to send us something other than a demo CD without first asking, we take our mail at this…


HUSH Records

PO Box 12713

Portland Or. 97212


HUSHshop Questions: corrina[at]

HUSHshop Download Inquiries: chad[at]

Current Artists / Bands:

Peter Broderick: peter.broderick[at]

Nils Frahm: hello[at]

Laura Gibson: lgsingalong[at]

Graves: greggolin[at]

Hosannas: hosannasmusic[at]

Kele Goodwin:

Loch Lomond: lochlomondmusic[at]

Nick Jaina: nickjaina[at] 

Novi Split: novisplit[at]

Podington Bear: podingtonbear[at]

Rauelsson: raul.pastor[at]

Run On Sentence: dadonkey[at]

Shelley Short: shelleyshort[at]

Velella Velella: jeremy[at]

Alumni Artists / Bands:

Amy Annelle / The Places: drifter[at]highplainssighcom

Ben Barnett: Kind Of Like Spitting, Blunt Mechanic: spitting99[at]

Blanket Music: chad[at]

Bobby Birdman: rob[at]

Casey Dienel: quirkywitticism[at]

Dat’r: mattdabrowiak[at]

Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble: funkchris[at]

Mike Johnson of Parks and Recreation, Reclinerland: griffinetsabine[at]

Jeff London: jefflondon1[at]

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan: knidonovan[at]

Norfolk and Western: charactereast[at]

Corrina Repp: corrinarepp[at]

Super XX Man: scottgarred[at]