Run On Sentence Daytrotter Sesh.

Run On Sentence Daytrotter Sesh.

Daytrotter has posted yet another digital care package for you, featuring our newest voice/face, Dustin Hamman, who will release Oh When The Wind Comes Down on October 14th. It’s a lovely collection highlighting Dustin’s earthy croon and dynamic delivery.

We highly encourage taking your time while you’re there and settling in with the reading material of Sean Moeller, which accompanies the four tracks. Go there now, friend.

Do the Jellyfish
Carrie Pt. II
Foreign and Awkward
State of the Union

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  • Adreana

    September 24, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Your list of artists is fabulous. LOVE Run On Sentence. Truly Addictive. How do I get a job with your company? I want to work for the greatness that is Hush!!


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