Bobby Birdman – “Let Me In”

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Bobby Birdman – “Let Me In” Sampler Mix


Bobby Birdman is the moniker of Rob Kieswetter It’s an apt name insofar as Bobby Birdman makes west-coast music: laid back and spacious. His delivery is sweet, honest and charmingly off-kilter, while his knack for relevant, understated electronic instrumentation is well honed. Like Bj?rk, he weaves poignant imagery with engaging sonic textures, all the while keeping the melody in mind. This is a bold debut that marks the arrival of a strong new talent. From Pitchfork:


“A party is no place for introspection. Yet, when I’m thrown into an environment surrounded by people, most of whom don’t know me, I tend to find a quiet corner. Sure, a party is supposed to be a social gathering, but for whatever reason, I just can’t help being lulled into a space where only I exist.”


Bobby Birdman is Rob Kieswetter’s stage name, and even sounds like a 1960’s throwback sort of pseudonym, which happens to perfectly reflect Birdman’s music. Singing of love, ominousness, and being cold, Let Me In reminds one of the Microphones’ Phil Elvrum was he to lose his analog fixation and begin toying with a Powerbook. But in traditional Hush form, these electronics are about as subtle as Bj?rk’s swan dress, remaining calm and atmospheric. Accompanied by simple drum machine loops, a lulling, strummed acoustic guitar, and these inorganic treatments, Birdman’s voice resembles a tired Stephen Merritt trading in the throaty tenor for a smoothly delivered, wispy croon.” -Christopher F. Schiel


I Must Admit That I Love You 3:22
Moving On/Up 4:38
Paradise Dub 1:30
Golden Arms 3:58
J Tear 8:05
Hey Now 3:30
Such an Icy Feeling 2:34
Let Me In 3:11
Blue Skies 5:44
Perfect for Light (1.3 mb) 3:19


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