Hosannas: PDX MAS “Three Kings”, Into The Woods Teaser & Campaign

Hosannas: PDX MAS “Three Kings”, Into The Woods Teaser & Campaign

Twenty-three Bands contributed to this free holiday compilation, entitled A PDX MAS. Hosannas turned in a noir jazzy version of Three Kings.  Highly recommended listening.

Hosannas – Three Kings

In other Hosannas news, Into The Woods (intothewoods.tv) are making an appeal for Kickstarter funding with ambitious on-location footage of Hosannas live in Ape Cave (near Mt St. Helens). That’s commitment! Donate and select from lots of rewards.

A year ago, we started this project because we wanted to see bands on a more personal level. We took them and their friends to a cabin in the woods, filmed their performance, and did our best to distill the entire amazing experience into a 15-minute episode. We shot some incredible footage, but the endeavor was so expensive that we could only afford to do it twice. These first few shoots got us obsessed with capturing bands outside of their natural environment. For a year, that’s what we’ve continued doing (in more affordable ways), and now we’re ready to get back to our original concept. This time, however, the project will continue with a more sustainable model that still allows for the raw intimacy found in those original sessions. In our brief existence, we’ve received a huge outpouring of support from the artists in our community, and they’ve expressed their gratitude by offering a number of great rewards to encourage your donations. Help Into the Woods keep going, and see an aspect of live music that would otherwise go undocumented.

“Unlike their peers, Into the Woods feels downright epic, clocking in at nearly 18 minutes, and thus raising the bar for these sort of video concepts. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing future episodes.” – Ezra Caraeff, Portland Mercury