Graves – “Seldom Slumber”

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This is the fifth proper album from Graves, from Portland, Oregon. The band revolves around songwriter Greg Olin’s unique vision: blending accessible, melodic songwriting with skewed lyrics, breezy arrangements, a mid-fi (somewhere between lo-fi and radio sheen) production aesthetic, and Olin’s earnest guy-next-door vocal delivery. On this outing Graves spices up the mix with tints of soul, latin and Cambodian rock. Recorded on Spring evenings with friends at Olin’s home studio, the album comfortably reflects Graves? signature disheveled, laid back sound, but the instrumentation is anything but lazy. There’s percussion in spades, Pop-ballad “ba-da-ba” female backups,and organ flourishes, but the secret weapon in Seldom Slumber may be the cache of mellow grooves. The rhythm section hits an appealingly amateurish Motown stride and rides it through the much of tracklist. The band includes Cory Gray (Norfolk & Western, Desert City Soundtrack) and (Left Handed, Knw-Yr-Own label artist) Nate Ashley as well as the usual a smattering of Portland indie ninjas, including Amanda Lawrence (Norfolk and Western, Loch Lomond), Kyle Field (Little Wings), Brian Wright, and Tommy McDonald.


Straight Nine
Kampu Blues
R.V. Love
G. Sinclair
Dead Dog
Be Lee
Evil Stacking
Cash You In
I’m Feeling Tuff
Grupe Park

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