Hosannas – “Together”

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Brothers Brandon & Richard Laws have been making music for over a decade. Like all great family bands, their voices sound like they were borne of the same place. Together, the debut studio album from their group Hosannas, honors those years refining their craft while making it clear that the place their music comes from is extraordinarily unique.


Make no mistake—while this record is accessible (even infectious), it is not a record you have heard before. The sound is dark and huge. Place it somewhere between your first memory of being really excited about music, and something like the blurred wave of brain activity that greets you when you’re almost asleep. Band mates Lane Barrington and Cristof Hendrickson help to build the songs into lithe, almost sentient forms, a distillation of hundreds of live performances together, and this living trust is captured beautifully by producer John Askew (The Dodos, Mount Analogue, Karl Blau). The album as a whole is immersive in a way that is increasingly rare in today’s culture of atrophied attention spans. The story told here will bring to mind thoughtfully constructed albums of the past, presenting a cohesive whole that reflects a singular vision.


“At times recalls bands like Animal Collective and Deer Hunter, whose experimental approach to pop is as deconstructionist as it is brilliant.” — The Oregonian


“One of Portland’s finest indie outfits.” — Portland Mercury



Hoping That You Will Be Careful
When We Were Young
An Old Forgotten Tune
John Pilgrim
Multi-Chamber American Future
Tone Pony Crone Jonesing
Open Your Doors
Hello Moon
The People I Know


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