Run On Sentence – “Beneath The Harvest Sky” Soundtrack

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“Dustin Hamman’s music throughout is simply perfect. I already want the soundtrack.” – Pretty Clever Films


Dustin Hamman is the songwriter and frontman for Run On Sentence, a Portland, OR act that has developed a considerable fan base on the merits of their first two albums and a unique music subscription scheme borrowing from Community Supported Agriculture and Kickstarter models.


Beneath The Harvest Sky is Hamman’s first soundtrack, and it’s a compelling debut in the genre. The instrumental music composed for this film sketches out a very tender and sacred space. It is the sound of lonesome pioneers, subsisting on very little. Half of it sounds like fur trappers blowing on their hands to keep warm in a barn without heat. The other half of the music is the opposite of that: fueled by cheap cans of beer crushed under the feet of a band playing in a ditch for a small-town party. The music bursts from moments of euphoria to moments of reverence. Old church pianos are dusted-off and brought to life to merge in a gracious harmony with thrift-store organs. The pieces have a crystalline structure. They have a strength to their construction but they can also be blown away by a too-strong breath. The sound is dirty at times, dirty like the hands of the harvest workers. It’s a well- earned dirtiness, of old guitars plugged in the wrong way and punished rather than played.



This Is the Place Organ #1
Breaking And Entering Get Fucked Up
Run To You
Li’l Pink Flower (live) Stonewall
Golden Days
Father and Son Make Out Disaster Sweet Enemy
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! Wide Open Theme 30th Century Man Get The Fuck Out! Wide Open Sky
Oak Tree
Salad’s Lament
The County


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