Super XX Man – “Vol. XI: A Better Place”

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Super XX Man – “A Better Place” Sampler Mix


With Volume XI, we find Super XX Man in A Better Place. No one word will describe this better place with justice but without question the song cycle conjures up themes of nesting, family values, domestic life, companionship and lost youth, all from a refreshing, non-didactic point of view. This is universally charming music. It is trend-less and unabashed. A Better Place will crumble stony facades and have listeners kicking up their heels.


Super XX Man is Scott Garred, Michelle Garred, Alison Wesley. Like family they belong together. Scott and Michelle wear rings and Alison stands out almost as a younger sister. That’s a little unfair though, as Ali wears no hand-me-downs and exists in her own musical sphere. She lands the drums, flute, and most of all harmony vocals that reflect Scott’s slightly more delicate yet rich tenor voice. Scott plays the guitar, some pan, and additional noise where applicable. Not that there are noises on this album, except say a highly ample ebony Les Paul played by Scott and some keyboard effects laid down by Michelle. One has to see the hot pink Chinese model keyboard to believe it.


This album is fun. It is about life’s journeys at every turn, nook, and cranny. If there was a center-piece to the album it would be the baby song complete with Travis picking guitar style, piano and Scott and Ali sing “I think we’ll call her Joan” over Michelle’s humming accordion. Look out Willie Nelson, Super XX man and family is on the way. Cy Scott Garred was born June 1, 2006.


Out For Kicks
Lions’ Heads (Tribute to the Metronome)
Rain Keeps Fallin’
Please God
River River River
Baby Song
Skipped A Rock
Accounting Phobias
Blood Pumpin’ Through
With You
Wedding Song


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