Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond and others on City of Portland Call Waiting

Listen Local with Loch Lomond from Mayor Sam Adams on Vimeo.

Portland, Ore – Mayor Sam Adams today announced the launch of “Listen Local,” a pilot program that replaces the City’s previous on-hold music with music by Portland musicians. The program seeks to highlight the vibrant, diverse and creative character of Portland to callers near and far and shine a spotlight on local musicians.

“From our entrepreneurs to our artists, what starts in Portland tends to be watched – and bought – around the world,” said Mayor Adams. “Portland’s economic prosperity is being built on our innovation and our creativity. Listen Local showcases both.”

Also included on the track list are HUSH roster artists Nick Jaina and Podington Bear

Loch Lomond Heads South: West Coast Tour

Fresh off a wee tour of Scottland, Loch Lomond is taking the band down the west coast with Seattle’s Hey Marseilles in support of the stunning EP Night Bats.  Here is the title track:


Jun 10 – Mississippi Studios w/ Hey Marseilles Portland, Oregon , US
Jun 11 – Cosmic Pizza Eugene, Oregon
Jun 12 – Sophias Thai Bar Davis, California
Jun 13 – Hotel Utah w/ Hey Marseilles San Francisco, California, US
Jun 14 – The Crepe Place w/Hey Marseilles Santa Cruz, California, US
Jun 15 – Muddy Waters w/ Hey Marseilles Santa Barbara, California, US
Jun 17 – Bootleg Theater w/ Hey Marseilles LA, California, US
Jul 22 – The Tower Theater Bend, Oregon

and catch them at:

Sep 6 – Bumbershoot Festival Seattle, Washington, US

Loch Lomond – “Night Bats”, Interviewlet


Poem courtesy of Luz Elena (Y La Bamba)

Meanwhile, Dave Depper gave a mini-interview to the Caught in The Carousel blog, detailing the following essentials:

DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND IN ONE SENTENCE: Castrati unicorn lovemaking grooves.

PROUDEST PROFESSIONAL MOMENT: Playing to 4000 people in NYC the day after Obama won the election was pretty wonderful.

STRANGEST PROFESSIONAL MOMENT: It’s all strange after a while.

THE SONG YOU WISH YOU’D WRITTEN: “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” – Prince

FIVE MUSICIANS YOU ADMIRE: David Bowie, Prince, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Emmit Rhodes

ALBUM YOU CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO: Currently anything Funkadelic-related.


LAST TWO BOOKS YOU’VE READ: “Eating Animals” – Jonathan Safran Foer, “Chronic City,” Jonathan Lethem. I only read books by Brooklynites named Jonathan.

THINGS WE’D FIND IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR: A bass amp. A bottle of Purell.


Get the full scoop here.

Loch Lomond: Luxury Wafers Session

Hop on over to Luxury Wafers for the latest in live in-studio goodness from Loch Lomond and over the horizon.

Led by Ritchie Young, Loch Lomond from the Pacific Northwest (Portland), has grown from a solo brianchild enjoying contributions from a vast array of friends to a full-time family of six committed bandmembers. Small in stature and grand in humility, Young quietly yet boldy concocts fascinating traipses through forest, wide open spaces, dark alleys and worlds of critters, subtly making a deep hook with his prodigious musical pieces.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

Blue Lead Fences [mp3]

Night Bats [mp3]

Spine [mp3]

Wax and Wire [mp3]

Check out a bunch of photos of Loch Lomond’s visit with us HERE.

Loch Lomond – Ghost Of An Earthworm – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Loch Lomond – Holiday – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Loch Lomond Daytrotter Session.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond’s daytrotter session finds the light of day, and it’s a dandy. Do yourself a favor and visit Daytrotter to download it and many more.

  1. Blue Lead Fences – original version appears on Blue Lead Fences 7″. This is this first song I wrote on the violin. I play the violin like a mandolin because I have no skills when it comes to bowing. The song itself is themed after my childhood in which I truly thought I could fly, was as close to a dictator as any modern day eight-year-old could be. I was leading, in a small Central Oregon town, a group of children like an army willing to sacrifice themselves for their fearless leader. That all changed when they became self-aware and rebelled against my iron fist domination over them. The highs and lows of being a child dictator.
  2. Ghost Of An Earthwormoriginal version appears on Night Bats. Many of the Loch Lomond songs are based on my dreams. I had a dream that I was a giant earthworm in India and lived there for many millennia. I swallowed a human skeleton and found that I was able to walk the earth undetected by the human race. I walked and walked the earth searching for someone like me. A love song of sorts.
  3. Spine – original version appears on Night Bats. Spine is very simply an anti love song about betrayal, murder and revenge.
  4. Egg Song – unreleased. This song is based on isolating, blaming others and denial of own problems and how that can destroy you. It is about being self-aware and humble. A grown up-themed children song.