Blanket Music / Noise For Pretend Split EP

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Blanket Music and Noise for Pretend come from Portland, OR., a city renown for its livability and astounding number of bands per capita. The stakes are high in Portland: You can be good and not get noticed. You can even be great. What these two bands attempt to do, therefore, is to be great and to be different. Both share an affinity for popular jazz idioms: bossa nova signatures and 60’s noir, and both put their own spin on sophisticated pop. Noise for Pretend’s uncanny swagger and cool musicianship recall Fracoise Hardy or up-tempo Astrud Gilberto, while Blanket Music has added blips and beeps to their devil-may-care bossa nova– a pop form so percussion rich, the electric and acoustic ingredients make for not only a good recipe, but the addition of a new bistro to the world of indiepop.


Pants With His Halfway Down 4:07 • Noise for Pretend
Momagranite 3:54 • Noise for Pretend
Money Penny 3:11 • Noise for Pretend
Chalk Boy 4:30 • Noise for Pretend
Hips (3.2 mb) 2:49 • Blanket Music
Bunny 2:56 • Blanket Music
Bicycle Thief 2:54 • Blanket Music
Song 3:12 • Blanket Music


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