Novi Split – “Hollow Notes”

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From the artist, David Jerkovich:


“Check it. Novi Split. Hollow Notes. These songs come from the last few years of recording, and were recorded for a number of reasons. 1. Hollow Notes. This is a song I wrote so when I listen to it, I can feel sorry for myself. 2. New Kids. I wrote this song not too long ago. It’s weird. 3. Keep My Word My friend CMG wrote this one. He’s doing a better version of this song on his new album coming out in October. Check it: 4. Here’s To The Rescue. My friend Daniel Ahearn wrote this. I love this song.”


The song “Hollow Notes” was featured on the HUSH DECA compilation and more recently on the One Tree Hill TV show.


Cover art by Carrie Sweet.



Hollow Notes
New Kids
Keep My Word
Here’s To The Rescue


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