Velella Velella – “The Bay Of Biscay”

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Velella Velella come from Seattle. They make music that?s blissed out, tonal, enthusiastic and grooving. At their disposal is a mess of instruments: drum machine, drum kit, snarly bass, ?tremmy? vibes, clean guitar lines, bassy Roland and overdriven Fafisa keyboards, drippy guitar washes, and on occasion vocals. This is a band that likes to settle into the song before they sing over it, and listeners are rewarded. Somewhere in this sonic m?lange there are influences being pulled out of the hat: The Sea And Cake, Out Hud, Stereolab?but spending some time with The Bay of Biscay it becomes abundantly clear Velella Velella ? named after a jellyfish ? swims in it?s own sea.


Do Not Fold / Do Not Bend
The Bread Is Hard As Crackers
Man What A Stupid Slogan
If You Can’t Figure Out How To Work It Maybe You Don’t Need Another Drink
Bay Of Biscay
Telephone Poles For Sale
Hard Egg Timer
A Bit Of The Whirlwind Buddy
3 To The 6 To The Oh
We Should Outsource This To Those Kids Over There
So Much For What’s-His-Face
That’s A Terrible Name For A Song
Let’s Launch Over It
Charlie And The Great Friday Sailing Adventure

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