Jeff London – “Harm’s Way”

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Jeff London is an earnest man.

“My greatest hope is that you sacrifice a continuous period, in a dimly lit room, with a pair of headphones or separated speakers for the stereo sound. In this manner you may best experience this record’s intended affect.”


So reads the back of London’s latest collection of songs, a stunning, hushed collection of warm acoustic guitar melodies alternating with reticent piano ballads. Contemplative vocals, viola, rhodes, and far-off harmonica elucidate the solemn, reflective tone of the album otherwise punctuated with a trio of up tempo jangly electric guitar, bass, and drum numbers.


Having sacrificed a continuous period of time, the listener will come away with an appreciation for London’s aesthetic. To those familiar with his oeuvre, Harm’s Way signals a new maturity and self-assuredness for the songwriter. Like the fruit of a mature tree, these songs–robust, pithy, and honest– are a fine harvest from an artist who has come into his own.


Get Lost
33 3:45
Montana 3:43
Barra De Navidad 4:38
People Watching 5:26
Closets Full Of Sand 3:22
Clinging 3:48
Ranson, N.H. 1:54
On The Ceiling 4:18
Ashly’s Ghost 5:32
Cut to Pieces 4:11