Kind Of Like Spitting – “You Secretly Want Me Dead”

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Nearly attaining a rarity status with a cult following, You Secretly Want Me Dead is finally here for the masses. It features sixteen remastered songs and a new bonus track. Honest lyrics with sharp, uncanny imagery delivered alternately over quiet guitar or a tight band arrangement with violin flourishes.


Who Cares How Much 3:00
Catch the Redeye Out of Girlfriend Land 5:10
Your Favorite Actor 2:58
We Got as Far as Minnesota 3:12
Do You Need Him Here to Say (Elsa) 2:56
Happy? 2:25
Maybe We Should Get Married 2:38
A Thought from the Kitchen Floor 4:03
Motor Boat 3:36
Please Don’t Sweat the Afterlife 1:55
Slow Me Down 2:21
Something in the Air 2:19
Please Don’t Let It End Like This 2:35
I’ve realized that things aren’t really good or bad, at least it’s better to avoid looking at it that way… 3:01
Staring at Your Toy Collection 4:00
Afraid of Crushes 4:09


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