Podington Bear Vidz Booth

Podington Bear (now known to be Chad Crouch, and incidentally the author of this post) gave his first performance at the lovely PDXPOP! Festival just over a week ago. With little more than a couple of weeks to prepare, the initial urge to form a band was jettisoned for a fun-loving karaoke-styled Jam with P Bear-produced instrumentals and video Karaoke-styled accompaniment . It was an all-star event, with Nick Jaina, Greg Olin, Adam Shearer, Corrina Repp, Ritchie Young, Rachel Blumberg, Dave Depper, Scott Macgee, Matt Dabrowiak, PDXPOP’s own Ross Beech and others. Some snaps from the engagement thanks to Clara Ridabock:

podington bear by localcut.
podington bear by localcut.

podington bear by localcut.

The crash course in lightening-quick video production has since become a popular pastime. So, without further ado, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a Podington Bear Music Vidz “Channel” (which is just Vimeo-speak for a collection). View all ten (and more to come) at P Bear’s Vimeo Spot.

A few highlights from the present Vidz collection:

Peter Broderick- “Card / Heart Games” Live

If you didn’t catch our introduction to Peter Broderick on the blog, you might have heard the short gem he turned in for track two of DECA, “Refining”. In this YouTube vid we find Peter earlier this year opening for his acoustic/electronic ensemble Efterklang. The song starts off slow, but try to imagine you’re there. At the crescendo visualize Peter running off stage in the wash of vocals, jingle bells, thick chords and tremelo violin whipping a whirly tube. Music enfolding.

Then imagine you’ll have an opportunity to see Peter perform next Spring when he revisits with Efterklang again. (In a year that seems to have gone by so fast, suddenly I want it to go faster.)

ps. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Efterklang live, this 1 min. video approximates, figuratively, the feeling that will overtake you when bathing in their sound.

DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation FREE.


Happy Birthday…to us!

We are delighted to share this party favor with you: DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation. It’s a rare snapshot of an invigorating cross section of artists mostly calling Portland home. The majority of its 28 tracks (tracklist below) are previously unreleased, and it features a 36 page pdf booklet.

One note: Should you opt for the convenient, high quality zip download you’ll find you’re given an opportunity to pay an amount of your choosing for it, with the proceeds to go to funding a retreat for the artists who participitated. Songs are the richness of our community and we enjoy sharing them. It is an increasingly rare and meaningful gesture–which does not go unnoticed–when one is willing to pay for them of their own volition.

DECA: A HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation

Click here to easily download the FULL COMPILATION zip file with pdf booklet (and 2x higher quality mp3s).

Or download the pdf booklet only (5MB).


Album 1

“Hollow Notes” – Novi Split

“Refining” – Peter Broderick

“Come By Storm” – Laura Gibson

“The Afterlife Pt. I” – Run On Sentence

“Winding Sheet” – Nick Jaina

“Coo Coo Bird” – Shelley Short

“Hiding Home” – Norfolk & Western

“Spring Bird” – Rauelsson

“Space And All Dead Things” – Corrina Repp

“Elephants & Little Girls” – Loch Lomond

“Sharra” – Kaitlyn Ni Donovan

“Wii Oui” – Podington Bear

“Broke Down” – Amy Annelle

“The Wagoner’s Lad” – Colin Meloy

Album 2

“Song #4” – Fun With Friends

“Petting Zoo” – Solid Home Life

“Your Smile” – Fancie

“Ridin’ For A Fall” (Young Dub) – Bobby Birdman

“These Blues” – Super XX Man

“Egg Hunt” – Reclinerland

“Asleep At The Wheel” – Casey Dienel

“The Bane Of Progress” – Jeff London

“Flight Cub” – Velella Velella

“Oh Darlin” – Blanket Music

“Big Eye City” – Operacycle

“Elysian Fields (We’re Dead, We’re Dead)” – Parks and Recreation

“Humm-na” – Dat’r

“Sleep At Last!” (Live) – Flash Hawk Parlour Ensemble

Welcome “Home”, Peter Broderick.


Peter Broderick is like the Swiss Army Knife of musicians; compact, elegant, multipurpose. What sets him apart is his restraint. With an arsenal of talents at his disposal, he prefers to reveal only one or two at a time.

Round about the time Broderick joined forces with Justin Ringle to form the lovely Horse Feathers, he was also recruited into the burgeoning Unsung Colony-era Norfolk & Western (routinely playing with some 7-9 players) who quickly dubbed him The Whipper Snapper, owing to his youthful demeanor (19 years old at that point) and his crushing skills on a bevy of instruments: violin, piano, banjo, saw, guitar…basically whatever you threw at him. He performed impressive non-musical feats as well, not least of which was sucking on an everlasting gobstopper practically every waking minute of tour.

The “Secret Weapon” (another nickname) didn’t remain a secret for long. Peter went on to perform with Loch Lomond and Laura Gibson as well as perform as a studio musician for M Ward, Zooey Deschanel, and Dolorean. Presently he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark where he brings his skills to the lush, much adored electronic/acoustic ensemble Efterklang.

You’d think working with as many as five different bands simultaneously wouldn’t allow Peter to pursue any kind of solo career. Likewise, his easygoing, unassuming demeanor might lead you to believe he didn’t have aspirations being accessible and available to lend a musical hand. But in late 2007 a steady stream of solo instrumental releases on respected labels Type and Kning Disk has all but established Broderick as the young composer / pianist / string player to watch.hsh083.jpg

Defying the lofty expectations that have already been placed on the young man, Broderick is set to release Home on September 23rd (on HUSH / Bella Union / Rumracket) showcasing his here-to-fore lesser known strengths as a guitarist / vocalist. (There is not a piano or violin note to be found on this record.)

With Home, Peter may have performed his most impressive feat yet: breathing new life into the most pedestrian arrangement in modern music. Broderick turns the open-mic night connotations of guitar and vocal on its ear with layers of vocal washes, x-acto fingerpicking figures, and his deceptively simple compositional style.

We are beyond excited to share this with you.

Listen to “Below It” and “Not at Home” from Home and get to know Peter at his Myspace page or his HUSH profile

Listen to previous releases Docile at Kning Disk, and audition Float at Boomkat.

(photo: Ronan Thenadey)

On Turning 10.

music1-570.jpgOMG. Carson Ellis (illustrator/artist extraordinaire) painted a picture of me with my kitties and stuff for a Mercury article. She is way too busy for that, and too famouso. Shoot, she’s getting married in less than a fortnight. Thanks Carson!

And people are being really nice and warm and fuzzy. I’m seriously getting choked up. I just have a good feeling about this upcoming show (Laura Gibson, Loch Lomond, and Nick Jaina this Saturday, the 12th at The Aladdin . I think it’s going to be really, really special and I’d love everyone–even if you’re like the skeptical person who caught the article and is reading this right now, suspicious the music actually merits profiles in the local weeklies–to come join us. It’s in the air. Good times.

I’m just glad Carson didn’t illustrate my secret diagram for a music trap. I totally have to patent it first. For more on the music trap and other wacky ideas you can refer to this kind Willamette Week article.

ps. I can’t resist a shout out to all my talented friends who keep it real. Thanks HUSHfolk! You rock me. Go Portland!


HUSH 10th Anniversary Show Saturday July 12

hush-anniversary-show-myspace.jpgLaura Gibson, Loch Lomond, Nick Jaina, all bringing their A-games. Join us.

July 12th is a very special day for HUSH. It’s the first time a bill of exclusively HUSH acts plays a larger venue in our hometown. If you live in the Portland area, we hope you’ll agree that in many ways this is the perfect venue for these HUSH artists: classy, comfy, and cool. It’s a big venue, but we’d hate it if you missed out for any reason: Tickets are available at The Aladdin Box Office and Ticketmaster. Sponsored by OPBmusic (In House host Jeremy Peterson will emcee). $10 adv, $12 day of show.

Also, we will be releasing a HUSH 10th Anniversary Compilation. We have been planning this for quite some time, but as these things go, we are racing to pull it all together, so a tracklist is not yet available. Nonetheless we expect this FREE album download might grow to double album size. There will be tracks from new and old HUSH roster artists, and it will feature a .pdf booklet. Tentatively out July 7th. Stay tuned to the website.