V/A – “Read: Interpreting Björk”

Various Artists – “Read” Sampler Mix


These interpretations of Björk originals* were commissioned by HUSH in the summer of 2001 (save The Decemberists’ recasting of “Human Behavior”, which is more recent) and indefinitely shelved soon thereafter. HUSH director and Blanket Music front man Chad Crouch made the executive decision to abandon the project when it was nearly completed, having lost enthusiasm not for the songs, but for the idea in general. Tribute albums, a relatively modern invention, are suspect releases for a record label, often co-opting and commodifying the tributee’s fame under a veneer of homage. Our intentions were earnest, but the calculation loomed large: would HUSH be compromising its identity by releasing an album that, on the surface at least, capitalizes on Björk’s star power?


Nine of the songs briefly surfaced on the internet in the winter of 2002 and rode on an amazing, worldwide tide of enthusiastic word-of-mouth. At this time Folkcore, a progressive young imprint of P-Vine (licensors of several Matador Records offerings), contacted HUSH, expressing an interest in releasing the collection in Japan, despite never being issued domestically. HUSH happily handed over the tracks — spiffed up with an original portrait painting and design by Crouch — satisfied that Japan would be an excellent test market.


While many official Bj?rk remixes may sound dated with the passing of two years (drum machine aesthetics evolving on par with the price of computer memory), this collection retains a certain timelessness owing to the largely acoustic arrangements and solid vocal performances. Above all we hope that should you choose to adopt this into your collection, you find it nothing less than sincere.


Track Listing:

It’s Oh So Quiet – Noise For Pretend 4:41
Hyper-Ballad – Blanket Music 4:20
The Hunter – Kaitlyn Ni Donovan 4:35
Joga – Ben Gibbard (with Ben Barnett) 3:01
Human Behavior – The Decemberists 4:16
You’ve Been Flirting Again – Corrina Repp 3:11
Possibly Maybe – The Roots of Orchis 5:35
Immature – Pete Miser 3:09
Unravel – Bobby Birdman 4:22
In The Musicals – Kind of Like Spitting 4:32

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